Why GetForexSignalsNow?

Why GetForexSignalsNow.com? GetForexSignalsNow is a leading-edge Forex broker offering extensive trading solutions for the Currency and CFD markets. With our full range of trading platforms, seminars, training course, downloadable software, 24/7 trade room, and algorithmic autotrading, we continue to meet the demands of Forex traders today and tomorrow. Our servers are co-located in LD4 facilities with direct FIX connectivity to 16 major liquidity pools. Whether you are a small investor with a micro account or a VIP professional, you'll have access to speed, liquidity and technology that institutional investors have enjoyed.

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True ECN Forex Broker

GetForexSignalsNow, a true ECN Forex broker, uses ECN (Electronic Communications Network) pricing for our clients accounts, meaning our Forex traders have direct access to our Interbank price feeds from over 16 Tier-1 bank and dark pool liquidity providers. Our clients realize tighter spreads, deep liquidity, and faster execution with less slippage.

Forex exchange markets are unregulated, having no Central Exchange (such as the London Stock Exchange) to oversee bid/ask quotes and trade fulfillment. Since executions are not centralized, the exchange rate of any currency could vary from one brokerage to another, resulting in larger spreads and greater slippage, especially during news events. ECNs create a "virtual order book" in much the same way as an Exchange, passing through client orders to multiple market participants, such as banks and other traders connected to the ECN, and displaying the best bid/ask quotes on their trading platforms.

24/7 Algorithmic Signal Scripts

There are many trade rooms available, driven by moderators who look for the best opportunities available, based upon their experience in the Markets.

The thinking behind trade rooms is: Looking over the moderator's virtual shoulder to watch his trades/charts will help you find successful opportunites.

Trade rooms, however, are only as good as their moderators, and moderators are only as good as they are able to multi-task: looking for opportunities, seeing setups, answering questions. How many good opportunities are missed because the trade room moderator was answering an attendee's question?

Why use a trade room when what you really want are real time buy and sell signals, an extra set of eyes to confirm your entries and exits. GetForexSignalsNow Forex Algorithmic Trading Signals, driven entirely by computerized technical analysis, provides real time opportunities 24 hours a day.

These are the same Forex signals traders analyze manually with their MT4 charts and Forex indicators. Computerized analytics accomplishes the same analysis but at ligthning speeds...speeds traders can only dream of.

Now, no matter where in the world you live, log into your GetForexSignalsNow MT4 platform with 24/7 Real Time Algorithmic Trading Signal Scripts. The Hours of operation are whenever you want them to be. Whether you are day trading or night trading after work, GetForexSignalsNow is on the job, constantly finding trading opportunities for you.

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GetForexSignalsNow MT4 Mobile

GetForexSignalsNow Mobile is the most flexible way to trade. Don't have a computer? On vacation and still want to trade? Access the Forex and CFD markets from your palm of your hand....just need a cell phone or tablet. GetForexSignalsNow Mobile supports both Android and Apple Iphone/Ipad.

  • Trade all the most volatile Currency Pairs and CFDs with single-click trading
  • Execute your trades from anywhere in the world
  • Buy and Sell 24 Hour a day, 5 days a week. CFDs and Currency Pairs are quoted 24 Hour/day
  • Maximize your trading skills...open a free demo account and trade "Risk Free"
  • Start trading live without delay...fund an account with your credit card, PayPal, or bank wire transfer
  • Enjoy commission-free trading
  • Trade with leverage up to 1:400